SEO – Myth and Reality

What is SEO?

Search Engines crawl each web page and index it in their database as relevant to certain keywords. Further the relevance of each page is programmatically measured that is called "page ranking". Usually an average keyword has tens of millions of web pages listed as relevant,whereas popular keywords can have billions of relevant pages. When a visitor searches for a keyword the Search Engines display the results in small and efficient blocks, usually ten results on one page with the highest ranking pages showing first. These unpaid results shown by a search engine in response to a keyword search are also known as organic search or organic search results. Organic results are like a free lunch. If a visitor clicks a URL in the organic results, that website gets a visitor without paying a penny.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a multi-dimensional strategy whereby all the elements of a web page including content, image & object names, meta tags and file names etc. are tweaked and optimized with the purpose of creating measurable relevance to specific keywords so that the Search Engines rank the relevance of that page to those keywords as very high and show that page in its organic results whenever a visitor searches for those keywords.

Why Search Engines offer FREE LUNCH?

Since developing and operating Search Engines is a very expensive enterprise, therefore as business entities, feeding websites for free through organic results is certainly an unpleasant job for Search Engines. However, the Search Engines have to bear with it as this is what prepares ground for their real business. They display keyword-relevant paid advertisements on the top, bottom and right side of the organic results and that’s how they make their legendary fortune.

These paid results are mostly charged as PPC (pay per click). Since every business wants to be shown on the search results page therefore they have to bid and compete to appear on the first page and even for a specific position on the first page itself.

How and Why SEO got all this BUZZ?

Due to extreme PPC competition the cost of appearing 24/7 on the first page for one full month for an average keyword can run in hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this situation the possibility of appearing on the first page in organic results and getting free lunch has a great attraction and this is where the concept of SEO becomes a full blown business.

Let’s wake up to The Reality!

With expert planning and careful implementation SEO does pay back, however, for any given keyword, out of tens of millions of pages there are only ten pages that can possibly appear on the first page. Further, Search Engines keep changing their logic to remain un-predictable and avoid SEO hacking. Therefore, it’s not possible to guarantee any specific results for an SEO campaign. Sounds like we lack the required expertise?

Let’s give it a quick test:

  • Visit any search engine and search for the keyword “SEO".
  • Take down the URLs of all PPC advertisers who guarantee positioning your business on the first page.
  • Now try to find the websites of all those advertisers in the organic results.
  • Can’t find them in the organic results?
  • Browse next few pages.
  • Still can’t find them?
  • Think if their expertise can’t place them in the top organic results, how can it work for you?
  • Remember that successful entrepreneurs never spend, they only invest. Better save your money for wiser, pragmatic and result oriented campaigns.

takes a totally new and innovative approach to SEO that promises much better and measurable results with much less headache, however, we still do not guarantee any specific position in organic search results.

Let’s be honest, fair and pragmatic. Let’s build a relationship of trust and sincerity. Please contact for a FREE and No Obligation consultation.