AIT e-Commerce

At , we custom create each site as a tailored solution for your specific requirements. However, here are some of the most important and common features:

Shelves & Aisles

  • Arrange your inventory like big department stores in up-class shopping malls.
  • Unlimited departments and sub-departments with pictures.
  • Nest sub-departments to any levels down.
  • Unlimited products.
  • Map one product to multiple departments for smoother shopping experience.
  • Upload multiple pictures for each product.
  • Unlimited product attributes and specifications. Let the customer make an educated decision.
  • Unlimited brands/manufacturers with pictures.

Sales & Promotions

  • Run full width "Slideshows" on your Home Page:
    • Highlight promotions.
    • Display Special Welcome Messages
    • Display Special Occassion Greeting Messages like "Happy New Year" and "Merry Christmass" etc.
    • Fully manage your slideshows from your Admin Control Panel.
  • Attract customers with dual prices, Regular and Sale Price.
  • Create, sell and accept Digital Gift Cards.
  • Create and implement multiple discount types based on different criteria.
  • Create, send and accept Promotional Discount Coupons.
  • Take advantage of multiple sales channels. Let’s prepare your site for Google Product Search, PriceGrabber and Yahoo Shopping.

Shopping Experience

  • Give your customers a sublime shopping experience.
  • Allow customers to filter products by Price Range, Brand, Size, Color or any other attributes and specifications.
  • Let your customers find what they want easier and faster:
    • Advance search functionality.
    • Faster search with auto-suggestions.
    • Product pictures in the auto-suggestions make product search a more pleasant and efficient experience.
    • Display of product prices in the auto-suggestions makes selection faster and more convenient.
  • Most Advance AJAX Shopping Cart
    • Not just a shopping cart link but a complete Mini Shopping Cart rolled up in to a nice and handy link.
    • Always visible Mini Shopping Cart regardless of what page the customer is on.
    • Let customers view the products in their shopping cart just on mouse-over, without a click and without refreshing the page.
    • Picture thumbnails and product attributes in the Mini Shopping Cart to make order review faster and more convenient.
    • Unit price, quantity and product sub-total.
    • Order total.
    • Quick link to check out right from the Mini Shopping Cart.
  • Wish list with the feature to e-mail the list to friends or family.

Marketing & Publicity

  • Be found in the organic search results with our built-in advance SEO functionality that fully automates the process of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Allow visitors to subscribe to your News Letter and deliver all promotions right in their Inbox.
  • Manage a full featured News Bulletin on your website right from your Admin Control Panel.
  • Manage a unique Affiliate Program by allowing people with and without websites to promote your site, sell your products and get paid.

Customer Retention & Customer Service

  • Enhance customer loyalty and retention with full featured Reward Points Program.
  • Publish engaging and useful blog posts right from your Admin Control Panel.
  • Run discussion forums on your own website. Engage customers while getting valuable feedback.
  • Send automated e-mail reminders for abandoned shopping carts to make sure that you do not lose any potential sale.
  • Integrate Live Customer Support and add live human interaction to your online storefront. Give your online customers an in-store experience. Greet them; answer their questions; apprize them of current promotions; help them find what they are looking for and encourage them to avail discounts. Increase conversion and retention by showing that you care.

Mobile commerce

  • Mobile commerce, also known as m-commerce means e-commerce conducted using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets etc. Share of m-commerce in total e-commerce sales is rapidly increasing.
  • In the year 2012 U.S. e-commerce sales reached $224.18 billion out of which 11% was generated by mobile devices.
  • In the year 2013 share of m-commerce is calculated to reach 15% and it is estimated to hit 24% in 2016.
  • This brief overview of m-commerce clearly shows that a successful e-commerce site needs to be mobile friendly to grab its due share of the online market.
  • We create an intelligent e-commerce system that automatically detects visitor’s device and delivers the appropriate storefront, differentiating between desktops and mobile devices.
  • We create mobile apps that are visually appealing, light weight and resource efficient. We make sure that your mobile customers enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

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